Saint Theresa Secondary School - Titan\'s Wellness Week
St. Theresa Secondary: 135 Adam Street, Belleville, Ontario, 613 968 6993
Welcome to St.Theresa Catholic Secondary School. It is with great pride that the students and staff have prepared and continue to maintain this site as a presentation of ourselves. We are confident that your visit will prove to be both informative and engaging.
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 Daily School Schedule

Warning Music, Prayer

O'Canada, Announcements

8:17 - 8:20 

 Period 1

8:20 - 9:35 


 9:35 - 9:40

 Period 2

 9:40 - 10:53

 Announcements and Grace

 10:53 - 10:56


 10:56 - 11:51

 Warning Music

 11:51 - 11:54

 Period 3

 11:54- 1:07


 1:07 - 1:12

 Period 4

 1:12 - 2:25


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 Attention Grads!
Grad re-takes will be February 6, 2015.  Sign up sheets are available in the Main Office.  You need to sign up for an appointment if you where absent from the first grad photo shoot in December or if you need a retake of your graduation picture.  You can still order a copy of the Class of 2015 Graduation Composite for $25.  This is the last opportunity for your grad photo to be included in the Titan Yearbook and the Class of 2015 Composite. 

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